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About US

True Blue American was born with one purpose, help get a man out of office who never deserved the honor of being there in the first place. It's time to show the highest office in the land the respect it deserves.

Plus - we were really tired of seeing those MAGA hat wearing crowds at Trump rallies. But we understood the power of those hats and we knew we needed our own. A Democrat hat, with our own message. It had to be strong, positive and patriotic. Unlike their hat, that unifies them but divides the country, our hat had to be in our color, with a message that unites us all. True Blue Americans was born.

True Blue American LLC is a family owned company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All of our apparel and other products are made in the USA. Embroidery and printing work are done at a Sustainable Green Partnership Certified Facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This makes our products a little more expensive, but we think it is worth every penny for the quality of the product and the jobs it helps create. We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations dedicated to getting out the vote.